Version 3!

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all your support so far. We've released a few small patches throughout the day (kept finding more bugs to squash...), so here's a consolidated list of all the updates:

  • Typos and grammar errors
  • Music loops have been fixed or touched up
  • The Notes screen works properly in Tara Mode (or, improperly...)
  • Tara Mode now properly displays some extra... effects
  • Tara Mode can be disabled in the Extras screen
  • Remind Tara doesn't revert the main menu music anymore. Dorky kazoo music forever!!
  • We turned off developer mode. Whoops!

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Version 3 Jun 29, 2018 329 MB
Version 3 Jun 29, 2018 338 MB
Version 3 Jun 29, 2018

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Gorgeous artwork!!!!