Version 1.1 "A Sad Story" is Live!

Version 1.1 "A Sad Story" is now live!

A full changelog is at the bottom of this post.


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It's been a week since release, and we're still blown away by all of your love, support, and feedback. Thank you all so much! For those of you who have already completed the game, those of you still playing, and those of you yet to even start it... Thank you. We love seeing your posts on social media, from your playthroughs, to your image edits, to your keymashing.

For us, this is just the first step in a long journey of bringing magic, love, and élan to the world.

On to the patch notes!


  • Per the title, in Chapter Four "In The Past Now" we received numerous bug reports just before Abigail is about to tell a story. We've moved some in-line image manipulation to the init phase, which should help some people experiencing crashes. If not, we've also added a file in the game directory called "Abigails Story Anti-Patch". If you're still experiencing crashes, we recommend DELETING this file and trying again. All image manipulation is removed and instead replaced with panning images of what it was supposed to look like.
  • Added more text to the help menu. Right-Clicking on the skip button will fast-skip to the next Chapter or Choice, and this information was omitted from the screen. Replays ahoy!


  • SO. MANY. TYPOS. Thank you everyone for your numerous reports. We've gone through and hopefully fixed all of them (fingers crossed).
  • In Chapter Five, there was a missed POV switch between Morgan and Maddie. The POV colors now switch to Maddie as intended.
  • Typos, again. There were a lot of them!

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thank god, you didn't nerf tara 

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