Version 1.2 - 谢谢!

Version 1.2 is now live!

A full changelog is at the bottom of this post

Art by @vividgrim

For the past 3 months, we've been overwhelmed again and again by your love, support, and feedback. Thank you all so much for giving our demo a try; We hope its made you excited for the full game.

We've been working hard to bring the full version out to you all very soon; In the meantime, we've also been working with Indienova, a Chinese translation group. Thanks to them, Version 1.2 now features a full Chinese translation! A big applause to them, and a special shoutout to our GUI artist @adirosette for painstakingly translating/exporting all our GUI to its translated counterpart. Whew!

A couple of backgrounds have been updated too. The pink lake clearing is no longer a placeholder made by our programmer (me), and the church background should look a bit more frosty and touched up.

We've touched up a lot of screens and features to give a smoother experience as well. Even if you can't read Chinese, we hope you'll appreciate the love and effort that went into this translation. And if you're learning the language, be sure to check out the Q. Translate button in the quick menu now! It'll translate your current line right before your very eyes.

Onto the changelog!


  • Menus now have a soft dissolve effect in the main menu
  • Option to choose your language at the start of the game
  • A Q. Translate button in the quick menu, to switch between English and Chinese
  • New Lake Clearing background
  • Revised Chapel background
  • Chapter card and Save/Load thumbs have been updated


  • The main menu image shows up properly behind the game menus during the title screen
  • A few game menu transitions have been fixed

As always, thank you for your support. Please let us know if you come across any issues while playing!


HeartoftheWoods-Demo-Win 483 MB
Version 1.2 Aug 24, 2018
HeartoftheWoods-Mac 1 GB
Version 1.2 Aug 24, 2018
HeartoftheWoods-Demo-Linux 490 MB
Version 1.2 Aug 24, 2018

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